Is the FIFO lifestyle proving to be a challenge to you or your family?

FIFO (Fly-In-Fly-Out) and DIDO (Drive-In-Drive-Out) workers and their families make up a large proportion of our West Australian Community.  The new category of lifestyle that has evolved as a result of our mining boom has both its advantages and disadvantages for those who try and keep the balance between two lifestyles and two identities.

•    FIFO and DIDO workers have higher rates (up to 70% more than the national average) of divorce, suicide, substance abuse and HIV infection.

•    FIFO and DIDO lifestyles have a direct impact on the family system and present challenges for all members of the family.

Some of the issues faced by the FIFO/DIDO worker may include:
•    Isolation/Loneliness
•    Boredom
•    Trust
•    Resentment
•    Missing family
•    Substance abuse
•    Fatigue and irritability
•    Insomnia
•    Depression/Anxiety/Stress

Some of the issues for the partner, husband or wife of a FIFO/DIDO worker may include:
•    Social Isolation
•    Lack of support
•    Loneliness
•    Trust
•    Resentment
•    Parenting Issues
•    Depression/Anxiety/Stress
•    Missing the working away partner
•    Feeling overloaded and overwhelmed
•    Adjusting to different routines

Although we are autonomous individuals, we are born into families and spend most of our lives attached to some kind of family. Any developmental stage or lifestyle change for an individual is a challenge for the entire family system.

“The family system is seen as residing in the self as much as the self resides in the system” (Bowen)

If you are living a FIFO or DIDO lifestyle and need help in restoring balance to your family system and adapting to the challenges presented by this lifestyle call a TLC Counsellor today.