What is Professional Supervision?

“Supervision is a learned discipline separate from counselling whereby a Registered Counsellor can speak to someone who is trained to identify any behavioural and/or psychological changes in a counsellor that could be related to an inability to cope with clients or workload. A supervisor is responsible for challenging the Registered Counsellor’s therapeutic practices and informing supervisees of alternative theories and/or new practices, as well as changes in the counselling industry “– Australian Counselling Association

Individual Supervision

  • One on one supervision for counsellors, psychotherapists and other allied health professionals.
  • In clinic or ZOOM sessions available.


Group Supervision

  • Group supervision for counsellors, psychotherapists and other allied health professionals.
  • In clinic, on-site or ZOOM sessions available.

$100pp (4-6 people)

FDV Supervision

Group and Individual sessions on request.

“Clinical supervision is a designated interaction between two or more practitioners, within a safe and supportive environment, which enables a process of reflective, critical analysis of care, to ensure quality client services”

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Some serious facts

The information below was sourced from the Bureau of statistics

One in 16 young Australians is currently experiencing depression
One in four young Australians currently has a mental health condition
The Annual Australian Divorce Rates
The average number of suicide deaths per year