What is Counselling ?

Counselling is an investment in yourself and in your future happiness.

 Counselling is a commonly used, effective interpersonal process, that is undertaken in a safe environment and allows an individual, couples or families to explore and resolve cognitive, emotional or behavioral conflict with the guidance of a neutral party or Counsellor.

“Counselling helps people take control of their lives and make informed choices on how to accept and adapt to the challenges in life and avoids the passive expectation that healing comes from an external source or a magic pill.”

Many people experience issues and emotional difficulties in their lives. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone not personally involved in your life can be helpful in gaining a greater understanding of yourself and your emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

A TLC Counsellor can assist you in finding creative solutions to your problems, empowering you to adopt more constructive life practices and adapt to the changes in your life.

What is stopping you from making a counselling appointment?

Many individuals feel that they can benefit from counselling but also feel that there are several barriers keeping them from getting the help that they need. Whether there are misunderstandings about what occurs during counselling or individuals have fears about the unknown of therapy, it can prove to be hugely beneficial to take a look at some of the barriers that frequently stop people from seeking beneficial professional counselling.

Cost Concern

Cost is always a concern, no matter who you are but you should approach it with this mindset: counselling is an investment in yourself and in your future happiness. How much is the issue that you need help with costing you?? Can you afford not to resolve it ??. This simple cost/benefit analysis can make the investment in your emotional and mental health make a lot more sense!

Past Experiences

If you have had a bad experience in the past, you should not abandon your goals to get the professional counselling help that you need. Take the time to research and discuss your situation with several Counsellors so that you can find the person who seems to be the best fit for your unique situation. Be sure that you always select a Counsellor who belongs to a national governing body, like ACA or PACAWA. Don’t let your negative past experiences cloud your goals of getting valuable counselling that can positively impact your life.

Social Stigma

The social stigma attached to the need for counselling is no longer what it used to be. There are increasing numbers of people, from all walks of life, who are seeing the benefit of counselling. There is also an increase in professionals who are referring individuals to counselling, from doctors, insurance providers, workplaces, and even universities.. Don’t let a perceived stigma keep you from receiving beneficial counselling.


Denial can keep you “stuck” in a stagnant situation that will not allow you to move forward positively and accept and adapt to the changes in your life. By accepting that there is a problem and reaching out for professional care, you will be in a much better position to move forward with a life that is within your control, and a life that will allow you to attain your goals.


One of the most common barriers that people face tends to be their fear about what might be discussed during counselling sessions. Some are concerned that delving into their past will be the primary focus; however, you will have control over what issues are discussed during counselling and the focus is likely to be on the here and now and your future goals. Your Counsellor will be able to help you find a connection between your past and your current situations and you will be able to communicate to your Counsellor when you are not comfortable with a topic or area of focus.

Counselling Changes Lives…

No matter what your reason is for seeking counselling we can help you improve your self-esteem, your self-worth, and can also help you take control of you your life and make the right choices for yourself – today and tomorrow.

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So what are the costs?


Individual Counselling $180 per session

$180 per session


Couples Counselling $220 per session

$220 per session


Family Counselling $220 per session

$220 per session