Loving Kindness Meditation for Mothers

Now more than ever before our children need to feel safe, loved and connected.  In these challenging times we find ourselves in we can often lose sight of the simple things in life that can make us feel connected to our children.  When I work with mothers in the perinatal period I encourage them to practice this loving kindness meditation on a daily basis to improve their connection and attachment to their babies.  Regardless of the age of your child this meditation will give you the opportunity to take a few moments each day to show some love and kindness to yourself and your children.

Sit comfortably and bring your attention to your breath.
Place your hand over your heart and repeat the following phrases:

May I be filled with love and kindness.

May I treat myself with kindness.

May I be safe and healthy.

May I live with ease.

Now bring your baby to mind – hold your baby in your arms or watch your baby sleeping.
If you are pregnant place your hands gently on your stomach and bring to your awareness to your baby.
Share the loving-kindness with your baby and in a gentle tone repeat the following phrases:

May my baby be surrounded with love and kindness.

May I respond to my baby with kindness.

May my baby be safe and healthy.

May my baby live with ease.

Try and connect with your baby and feel the loving kindness between you.
Notice if your mind wanders and bring it gently back without judgement and continue the meditation.
As you move your attention to the connection between you and your baby gently repeat the following phrases:

May we be surrounded with love and kindness.

May we respond to each other with kindness.

May we be safe and healthy.

May we live with ease.

As you experience this sense of connection between you and your baby, notice how you feel about yourself in this moment.
Feel love and kindness towards yourself and your baby as you embrace this unique relationship of unconditional love and acceptance.

Self-compassionate Motherhood

“My dream is for every mother to have a meaningful motherhood experience, free from emotional suffering, and for every child to have the opportunity of feeling safe, loved and connected.” – Cindy Cranswick