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Self-compassionate Motherhood

“3 ways to get you out of the shadows and into the true experience”

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After years of counselling mothers and a recent research project, Cindy Cranswick has written this book to expose and normalize the challenges of motherhood. By demonstrating the importance of self-compassion, she helps teach the skills needed to make motherhood a more meaningful experience. She offers solutions to reduce emotional stress and simple steps to help mothers enjoy their life again.

Motherhood is an emotional and psychological rollercoaster that can be very overwhelming. Unfortunately in today’s society, more and more mothers are experiencing emotional stress, anxiety and depression during the perinatal period. Cindy has written this book in the hope of reducing the prevalence of emotional suffering and to help mothers make the most of their own unique experience.

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10% of all book sales will be donated to PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia)

Cindy Cranswick
Cindy Cranswick

“My dream is for every mother to have a meaningful motherhood experience, free from emotional suffering, and for every child to have the opportunity of feeling safe, loved and connected.”